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Re: New zoom code musings.


Vesa Solonen wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Feb 2009, Vesa Solonen wrote:
>>> I'll add them if no one objects to the additional zoom levels. Do you
>>> what them added to both the PCB and Schematic applications?
>>> Wayne
>> Already committed as 3th root of 2 series...


> Oh, I forgot to say that maybe it would be good to make zoom selection 
> list for just powers of two zooms.

Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of a proportional scalar
between some minimum and maximum zoom levels based on how fast the user
is scrolling the mouse wheel. When the user scrolls the mouse wheel one
step, change the zoom by 10% of the current setting. Then for mouse
wheel events less than 500mS apart, change the zoom by 25%. And for
mouse wheel events less than 200mS apart, change the zoom by 75%. These
numbers are just of the top of my head. Obviously they would be
adjusted to give the desired results. The nice thing about this design
is that you can get finer zoom values when you need it while still
allowing you to zoom in and out quickly when you don't. The reason I
didn't implement this is there should be some fundamental clean up of
the drawing code to allow the use of wxDC::SetUserScale() which would
make this design fairly trivial. The current design is a temporary fix
to allow for zoom factors other than the previous powers of 2 design.


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