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Re: New zoom code musings.


Vesa Solonen wrote:
On Wed, 4 Feb 2009, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:

It's very simple. If you want to add zoom levels to the PCB programs
(cvpcb, gerbview, & pcbnew), add the new zoom values to the PcbZoomList
array in pcbnew/classpcb.cpp. To add new zoom values to the schematic
editing programs, add the new zoom values to the SchematicZoomList array
in eeschema/class_screen.cpp.


Thank you! I got that far that I noticed the values were on some list, but where the defines were... Anyway I'll put out a patch if you don't.



Your zoom patch for pcbnew makes the PCBNEW program too slow to use when I have a delay in the drawing due to a large number of zones. The zoom granularity is too small, and I found on one end we don't need that granularity, only on the other end.

Please try out this array for pcbnew and let me know if your feelings would be hurt if we used it instead. The problem again is that it takes too many steps to zoom in.

I have not tried eeschema. Drawing is faster there, but there could be some advantage in making these similar.

for pcbnew/classpcb.cpp:

// Dick's version
static const int PcbZoomList[] = { 5, 8, 12, 18, 27, 40, 60, 90, 140, 200, 300, 450, 700, 1000, 1500, 2250, 4500, 9000, 20480 };

Try this, it is working well for me.

Many thanks to Wayne for making this possible.


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