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Re: New zoom code musings.


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>>> I have not tried eeschema. Drawing is faster there, but there could be 
>>> some advantage in making these similar.

I have been following this thread and I have to say that I never thought
my modest zoom code would generate so much discussion. It's nice to see
everyone's commitment to improving Kicad. To that end, I hope we all
remember that the user experience is ultimate goal. As an engineer, I
too am tempted to design based on my own assumptions and ideals of
technical correctness. But in the end, if I am the only one who uses
Kicad, then I have failed to help move the project forward.

>> I finally tried eeschema and find no problem with the zoom factors. But 
>> the cursor (cross hairs) is jumping at some of the zoom transitions by 
>> tens of pixels.
>> We have always centered the cross hairs as we zoom in, and I like that. 
>> So I expect to see the cursor jump *on the first zoom step* if I am not 
>> centered already. 
>> But after that it would be much nicer if the cross hairs could be rock 
>> solid in the middle of the screen. Since the user experience would be 
>> so much nicer, I would say this is worth some time.

I believe what you are seeing happens when the snap to grid code
attempts to figure out what to snap to. This behavior has always been
present to some extent. It is really obvious when zooming way out. It
is not as noticeable when zooming way in. The new zoom scaling code may
have made the problem more noticeable. I will take a look at it and see
if I can eliminate the jumping during zooming when I get a chance. I
just need to finish working on some code to prevent the cursor movement
keys (arrows) from moving the cursor outside the client area by
automatically scrolling.


> And I might add that I would hope the cursor does not move relative to 
> the drawing either in order to accomplish this. That means moving the 
> drawing, not the cursor.
>> Dick
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