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Bug 2086382 Patch - Translation of Hotkey descriptions


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Hi Guys,

Attached is a patch which allows the Hotkey descriptions to be
translated by the translators. This includes changes to Pcbnew,
EESchema and Gerbview to move the hotkey information message from
being initialised statically and makes them initialised via a call to
a new initialisation function dynamically.

This changes the hotkey information from wxT( "" ) to _( "" ) so that
poedit can extract the text for translation.

Changes are made to kicad-source/pcbnew/hotkeys.cpp,
kicad-source/eeschema/hotkeys.cpp, and
kicad-source/gerbview/hotkeys.cpp. Each one introduces a new
initialisation function for the hot key descriptions. A call to the
hot key init function is added to pcbnew.cpp, eeschema.cpp, and

Please review the patch and let me know if there are any changes
required or preferred methods to achieving this bug fix. It would be
nice for the translators to be able to translate this information as
it is probably one of the most used pieces of "help"

Built and tested on Windows XP. I am still setting up my linux box so
it is not yet tested on linux, but I don't foresee any problems.

Best Regards,

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