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Re: Debugging KiCad


2009/2/13 jean-pierre.charras@... <jean-pierre.charras@...>:
> Yes.
> I submited this bug a long time ago to wxWidgets team. Alas! nothing
> happened
> In a wxWidgets forum, i also saw dcpsg.cpp was considered to be fully
> outdated.
> But i believe guys who are working about wxWidegtes have a lot of work and
> cannot work on it.
> I am thinking this bug also is in wxMAC version.
> Perhaps can you try to submit this bug, with better explanations i did.

Hi Jean-Pierre,

Thank you for the information.

Firstly, I will add a comment to the bug report on sourceforge. Three
or four people have commented on it, experiencing the problem. I think
so long as they know it is a known bug, and that the bug exists in
wxWidgets they will feel as though their question is answered for now.

I will do my best to contact the wxWidgets developers when I have a
full grasp of the printing within KiCad and see what we can get done.

Dick, Thank you for the heads-up with regards to kgdb, I will try and
grab that for my linux box.

Best Regards,