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Re: Bug 2086382 Patch - Translation of Hotkey


2009/2/15 jean-pierre.charras@... <jean-pierre.charras@...>:
> Sorry, Brian, by your code in patch has some drawbacks.
> - Removing keyworks from Ki_HotkeyInfo declarations make code unclear.
> - For *.key files, translation will break compatibility between previous
> files, and make debugging more difficult.
> - Code in more complex.
> If you want to see keywords translated, this can be only when displaying hot
> key list.
> Ki_HotkeyInfo static declarations can be made with _("xxx") instead of
> wxT("xxx").
> Of course, keywords will not be translated by the wxString constructor,
> because dictionary is not loaded at this time, but keywords will appear in
> Poedit list.
> Generally speaking, keywords and internal error messages must *not* be
> translated.
> When displaying keyword list, call wxGetTranslation() explicitly.
> *.key files must not be changed, but keyword translation can be added as a
> comment, after the current data:
> shortcut "?": "Help: this message"
> could be contains the translated data (for reader info)
> --
> Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

Hi Jean-Pierre,

Thank-you for taking the time to review my patch and point out the
problems with it. I fully understand now why it would cause problems,
and understand your suggestions. I will go away and come up with
another patch, this is useful for me to understand the code better.



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