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segfault in DRC



There is a 100% reproducible bug that happens if you do a specctra import followed immediately by a DRC check. The DRC check calls Test Rats Nest just after filling all zones, and the ratsnests all have NULLs in their start and end pointers.

Can you look into this for me. I am going to be very busy tomorrow. Something needs to be called after a specctra import to rebuild the ratsnests, or something is being assumed in the DRC check that is not accurate. I know there are some bit flags that tell the state of the ratsnest's accuracy that might not be tested in the DRC code.

If there is a way to fix the problem there, in DRC, rather than penalizing the speed of the specctra import when a user has no intention of DRCing immediately afterwards, this would be my minor preference.



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