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MacOSX - Problems with placing of components/modules.


I've experienced some problems with placing of components with last stable release i were unable to see the component prior the placing.
I've discovered that was due COREGRAPHICS (again), that doesn't support wxEQUIV (GR_NXOR), and follows by proposal of patch.
I'm sorry if isn't the place where post patches i'll follow all the itinereif needed.

Thank you,
Index: gr_basic.cpp
--- gr_basic.cpp	(revision 1666)
+++ gr_basic.cpp	(working copy)
@@ -375,7 +375,11 @@
else if( draw_mode & GR_XOR )
DC->SetLogicalFunction( wxXOR );
else if( draw_mode & GR_NXOR )
+#if defined(__WXMAC__) && wxMAC_USE_CORE_GRAPHICS
DC->SetLogicalFunction( wxEQUIV );
+ DC->SetLogicalFunction( wxXOR );
DC->SetLogicalFunction( wxCOPY );

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