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Re: Stable version ok Kicad: Major bug


Hi Jean Pierre,

first of all, forgive me for the noise about something that is not considered as a bug :(

IMHO the most needed feature in Kicad now is *improved usability*, and so that will go to that list. By this I mean that Kicad has ALL needed complex features, but the user interface is many times confusing. Some improvements have been made in the latest version ;)

I hope to have more spare time in the median future, maybe I will volunteer...

Thanks for the grat work so far,
PS: the only complex feature missing is undo in pcbnew...

Alain M. escreveu:

I just found a workaround for that... (after returning to my prior version, it stopped working too)

With the Edit pin element by element" set to ON, I place a rectagle, r-click > Rectangle Options, then I UNSET "common to all elements", then I delete the rectangle. I still deletes from all elements, but the next time I place a rectangle it goes to one element only...

I hope this helps,

Alain M. escreveu:
Hi I was very pleased to upgrade to new release. I use Mandriva 2007.1 so I had only to update cmake to make it compile.

but :( :(

there is a big problem: in LIBEDIT, I cannot create a rectangle only in "element C" of a multi-element component, even with the Icon "Edit pin element by element" is on. the rectangle is drawn on all elements, and if I delete it from another element, it is deleted from all of them,

There is an old and similar problem: the Value cannot be moved only on one element too.

I will have to go back to my previous version :(


jean-pierre.charras@... escreveu:
The stable version kicad-2009-02-16 is now out.
I uploaded it to iut-tice.ujf-grenoble.fr/cao/


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