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Re: Re: MacOSX - Pcbnew: Crash when ending track with



I asked about cost of a macbook at best buy last weekend. It is more than 3x pricier than equivalent HP.

My enthusiasm for Macs is not developing.


I could not duplicate the problem.
Maybe more detail is needed in your explanation or maybe it is MAC specific.
If MAC specific please explain why if you can.
I would like a better understanding before committing this patch.

Indeed is mac specific, i'vent the same problem with the windows binaries i've tested, i've preponed MacOSX in the subject just to evidentiate it.
Seems that there are some spurious calls after the placement of the track and in those calls obliusly g_CurrentTrackList is empty.
When the method tries to set layer to a nonexistant track the program coredumps.

The proposal i've made was only a sanity check to avoid to have something to do with a NULL pointer :)

track 0x16699a60 turning off BUSY | EDIT | CHAIN
track 0x1669bcc0 turning off BUSY | EDIT | CHAIN
track 0x1669b580 turning off BUSY | EDIT | CHAIN

Also, you committed the cardinal waste of time by not stating which version you are using.

Sorry you are right, this issue is present in the Febrary release and in the TRUNK (1679) at the moment, near at the 1676 as stated in the svn diff.
I'll be more verbose next time.

Index: editrack.cpp
--- editrack.cpp (revision 1676)
+++ editrack.cpp (working copy)