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Even though it never got much attraction, I do like this tool here,


and feel it would be a good tool to rely on if DBUS were to be added to Kicad. The CIDL is cleaner than the "dbus introspective XML", yet a person can generate the xml using this tool.

I am thinking that reading XML files as a human is not fun.

I could see a complete set of *.cidl files being developed way before any code is even written. This would form the basis of a meeting place for external software packages, and it would define objects, interfaces, methods and attributes accessible within Kicad.

The main point of the *.cidl files would be to *design* the interfaces before coding anything. Also, this design would be valuable in any future work within Kicad, if for no other reason than it would help with the document existing and possible future document models.

This is something I am interested in. I also see it being dove-tailed into a task involving a new file format and data tree for PCBNEW.

I may have some time later in the year to start this. I am currently bringing a new ARM board to market that was designed with Kicad.


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