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Re: Re: MacOSX - Pcbnew: Refresh issues with onload


Marco Serantoni wrote:
If I recall correctly, the wxMAC support can only have one wxDC active at any time, because any active wxDC object is claiming a single underlying graphics context resource. And, this seems to have been a design decision in later versions of wxDC as I recall. Might not have always been this way.

This is partially correct with the current implementation, i've experienced that there are no great problems if the parent wxDC comprise the area of the sibling one.

child one.

In this case they are siblings, sharing a common parent, and they do not overlap.

Anyway we are near wx2.9 implementation that comprise a complete rewrite of the graphics routines for OSX.

You mean you get to do this again soon?

Like you, getting a hold of a contemporary MAC seems pricey. It was 3 times the price of an equivalent HP when I check last weekend.
They are not on my shopping list.

I've understood that ;))
Consider that have an OS that doesn't fight with your HW from a site and having Office tools with a shell handly from the other site, becomes highly addictive.

Linux is nice, it's free. I've been using it for years now, and it keeps getting better. And when something does not work, there are ways to get help. The world is full of choices, often there are more than one good pick when encountering a choice to make. It's just that mine is less expensive.


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