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Re: MacOSX - Pcbnew: Refresh issues with onload


> > This is partially correct with the current implementation, i've experienced that there are no great problems if the parent wxDC comprise the area of the sibling one.
> >   
> child one.
> In this case they are siblings, sharing a common parent, and they do not 
> overlap.

> > Anyway we are near wx2.9 implementation that comprise a complete rewrite of the graphics routines for OSX.  
> You mean you get to do this again soon?
I were unable to test wx-2.9RC, seems that kicad had some svg issues compiling.
In the near future i wish to integrate better kicad with the OS logic and viceversa and resolve some smaller issues.
When i've finished that I could picking back my basin and my acid and startto do my PCBs ;)