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Re: Several Problems with kicad on osx


> "is if "DEBUG" is defined somewhere but I could not figure out where or why this was going on (see this post. I decided to simply modify the boost files concerned to work aroaund this problem. By renaming the "check" function and its called I was able to get kicad compiling again. Sadly it does not fix the serious flaws in wxmacs graphics implimentation ie. the fact thatit does not do XOR draws properly.Anyway here are the diffs I made"
> Ok thanks for that tip. I have been able to get the program to compile with out errors. However, it will not run, crashes when I try and open the app. The error report makes reference to wx as being the problem. 
> There were warnings during the cMake process. Most of it was surrounding a carbon draw canvas class, AGL or something to that effect being depreciated. So close but still so far away.

Those are normal, have you compiled your wx-win libraries as stated in COMPILE.txt ?
They must be static linked not dynamical.

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