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Re: Several Problems with kicad on osx


> > Those are normal, have you compiled your wx-win libraries as stated in COMPILE.txt ?
> > They must be static linked not dynamical.
> >
> ---------------------------
> I did compile as static but there seems to be some issues regarding compiling as universal and lipo not being able to resolve the architectures. For./configure I declaired monolithic, the mac-10.4u.sdk (also tried 10.5.sdk) toolset=darwin. 
> Any suggestions?

configure the wxWindows with 
./configure --enable-unicode=yes --enable-shared=no --enable-monolithic--with-opengl --enable-universal_binary --with-mac

> Is it possible that I need to compile an older version of wx to get this working?
No, i'm using wx 2.8.10

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