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Re: [PATCH] enable-parallel-make.patch


jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:

Werner Almesberger a écrit :

Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> Perhaps Jean-Pierre uses them, so I think they should be renamed to
> Jean-Pierre. make

Hehe :-) Okay, let's see what Jean-Pierre thinks about it.

First, the "official" way to compile kicad is using cmake and cmakefiles
I am using them.

I also am using makefile for "fast" compilation:
because "my makefiles" do not handle dependencies, when changing a file header, running make is faster than using cmake and the autogenerated makefiles,
and i use in to test the syntax of my changes (my new files...).
Of course the build is not reliable (just because the makefiles have not dependencies), and the reliable build is made with cmake.

So, in order to avoid mistakes, i am thinking the best is to remove "my" makefile.xxx

If nobody complains about this, I'll remove them in few days.


I see that the "touch" command can set the modify date on a file to earlier than current time.

This could be a dangerous way to fool the makefile into thinking that the header file did not change. Used with care, it might let you use the cmake makefiles also.