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Re: Joining the dev group


On Thu, 30 Apr 2009, Matt Wright wrote:

While I was using Kicad there were a few features that would have improved my own personal usage,
particularly in gerbview. One of these is the ability to mirror blocks (maybe not much use if you're
getting the pcb manufactured, but I use it for home etching).

Could you explain a bit more why would you need block mirroring in home etching? Doesn't mirrored printing or plotting work? Sometimes I have done "print panelization" for toner transfer prcess by hand (text editor) from PS files, but Inkscape works too if you don't have too complicated design. Inkscape seems to crash. Oh, and nice to see more interest in developing Kicad.


Ps. The best papers for toner transfer are thin matt coated papers, like Novatech Easy Matt 80g/m2. The mineral coating fills in the pores of toner and quality is great. Color lasers use more fluid toner and also it seems to work better. The perfect paper would be all of the above plus dextrine (or other heat stable water soluble glue) layer between paper and matt clay coating.

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