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Re: kicad save file format


On Tuesday 05 May 2009, Damien RANNOU wrote:
> I have a question about file save format : wouldn't it be
> interesting to use XML file format instead of actual kicad
> file format ? Xml parser are integrated in wxWidget (for
> example
> :http://wiki.wxwidgets.org/Object_serialization_using_XTI_and
> :_XML).
> Using XML file format would be interesting for
> interoperability, cleaner save code in object (because
> wxwidget make a lot) and cleaner backup code (why do not use
> the same structure between classical objects and Text (and
> other things) ?)

not really ..

XML is just a syntax. The syntax doesn't really matter. You 
could just as well choose C-like, Ada-like, Lisp-like, or 

What matters is how the data is represented and organized.

Regarding interoperability, you want a format that is defined by 
some kind of standard, and is in common use. If you can't find 
one that is an exact match, look at the neighbors, and what you 
might want to interoperate with.

Kicad is very limited because of the lack of import and export 
facilities. There is a serious need for a general translator 

I suggest something based on extending a netlist format, such as 
the structural subset of Verilog. It might be easier to think 
of the Spice format for this, but it is too restrictive and 

I make a write-up to get started for gEDA, here:

It should be easy to extend it to represent layout too.

Ideally, this system would support gEDA and Kicad equally, and 
provide a path between them, both ways. It could also provide 
import and export capability, and links to simulators and other 

You could use this format directly, but to get started, the best 
way is to use it as a neutral intermediate format so there is no 
pressure to change the tool formats.

I have a start for this with Gnucap language plugins. The work 
needed is to make a driver program for a stand-alone translator, 
and language plugins for the schematic and layout programs.

My plate is too full to do it, but I can guide someone else. Is 
anyone here interested in making the translator?


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