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kicad save file format



My name is Damien RANNOU, I'm a hardware and software developer in a French company, and I use kicad since 3 years ago (I was using it in a french robotic association).

I recently commited some modifications in eeschema and pcbnew, to be able to write multilines text. I found some bugs, that I'm trying to fix. The biggest one is that if you save a eeschema with a multiline Text, you will not be able to load it because file format doesn't allow multiline text.

I have a question about file save format : wouldn't it be interesting to use XML file format instead of actual kicad file format ? Xml parser are integrated in wxWidget (for example :http://wiki.wxwidgets.org/Object_serialization_using_XTI_and_XML). Using XML file format would be interesting for interoperability, cleaner save code in object (because wxwidget make a lot) and cleaner backup code (why do not use the same structure between classical objects and Text (and other things) ?)

Tell me what you think about it.



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