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EEschema alias/name bug


Jerry Jacobs wrote:

Dear Jean and Dick,
If i open a component from the library special (ULN2003A) and then saveit to my project library all goes wel.
The ULN2003A is a alias for the MC1413, when i then change te name of the component (in the editor) as same as the alias ULN2003A.
Then browse library and try to open the ULN2003A eeschema then crashes.I think then it searches for ULN2003A and has as alias ULN2003A.

I hope this description is clear enough
This is a bug that i kan reproduce and can not say how we can solve this...


Can you put this on the developers list please.

Wayne or Jean-Pierre will have to help you. I have some urgent deadlines to meet this week. Sorry.


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