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Re: [PATCH] non-interactive plot mode for eeschema


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> We use a different curly brace style. The style is documented in a
> veiled form in the uncrustify.cfg file.

Thanks, that helps. So just machine-formatting before sending a patch
might be an option. That would make it easier to write things, without
having to worry about every single space.

> If it is clean, and simple, it does not need to be comprehensive. To me
> it should be as simple as:

Yes ! That's exactly what I'd love to be able to do. By the way, with
comprehensive, I meant means to control other context implicitly
referenced, such as the plot settings or the profile.

> Ideally, some of the these Kicad programs might be better split into a
> main and a shared object file combo. The shared object file would have
> the document model in it, namely the SCHEMATIC in our discussion.

Again, I think we're in violent agreement. Of course, such major
restructuring is where I reach my limits. They say that it takes ten
years to become truly proficient in something. While I can look back
to about twice that time writing C, I'd rather have the features I
crave in KiCad sooner than in a decade :-)

> Well please give Kicad some credit for what it tries to achieve. You
> are coming in far after the design goals were established and changing
> them.

Sorry, perhaps "shortcoming" was the wrong word. But it's a lack that
is even more painful because KiCad is so close to being able to do
those things.

I've used KiCad for many years already and I love it for the great
things it can do. But I also think it could be much greater with
relatively minor changes, and I find it a bit frustrating that it
is so difficult to contribute such changes.

But it seems we both agree that this is an area that can be

- Werner