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Re: Re: Guidance for plugins


2009/5/19 al davis <ad10@...>:
> On Tuesday 19 May 2009, Marco Serantoni wrote:
>> Indeed, but i think is better to mantain to use wx
>> Interfaces: wxDynamicLibrary instead dlload directly.
> No. That adds a new dependency. The plugin system should not
> be dependent on the graphics library. It could be used to load
> the graphics library.

I think you are wrong here, as wxWindows or Qt are GUI application
frameworks not pure graphics libraries. And their VERY IMPORTANT role
is to abstract some system specific behaviours or APIs normally hard
to maintain for group of developers. This additionally simplifies the
architecture of the system/application.

The choice of such framework these days is a design decision before
programmer starts to coding the application, and this decision
influence a lot of mechanics inside. Anybody then later shall follow
that direction or may try to port the application to other framework
(this can be painful decision).

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