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Re: [PATCH] non-interactive plot mode for eeschema


al davis wrote:
> I'm assuming you mean things like curly brace placement and 
> other things that are a matter of opinion.

Those, but also things like the maximum line length, depth of
(level) indentation, complexity of functions, etc.

> Within a body of code, it is important to be consistent. If you 
> mix styles within a body of code, it looks like crap and 
> eventually becomes totally chaotic.

Sure. Anything else would be madness. I just wish the style was a
little closer to the things I see every day ...

What I mean are things like this:
It's interesting reading, if only for the rationales. (Okay, some
simply say "K&R" :)

> I think Kicad needs to consider implementing a plugin system, 
> similar to what is in Gnucap.

By the way, there's an interesting "new" approach in the CAD world.
There are various Open Source CAD systems (FreeCAD, HeeksCAD, Salome)
that are based on the OpenCASCADE libraries, add a bit of their own 
C++ for the GUI, and then use Python for scripting and to tie things 

What's nice about this approach is that it encourages clean
interfaces and scripting is equally strong (or even stronger) as 
working things with the GUI.

- Werner


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