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Re: New file uploaded to kicad-devel


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Manveru <manveru@...> wrote:

> This looks nice for standard size, but for smaller size the kerning
> fails. But as I understand this is only a proof of concept code from

What kerning? :P Anyway, I plotted this with a 4mil pen, the small text is only 30mil IIRC... BTW these are package names and RS order numbers so evenif they're not readable in the plot who cares :D

Maybe the 'kerning' error you talk about is due to integer roundup... this issue was already discussed about the partial zoom, IIRC.

> which you generated this PDF. I see the nice overscoreing on two
> labels.

Thank you :P the overbarring is already in SVN from some time, BTW...

> What bothers me is how hard in these fonts Unicode glyphs can be
> achieved? Do the font has glyphs from German, Polish, Ukrainian, Greek
> or Russian alphabets? Greek is interesting for µ symbol or couple
> other on schematics.

The Hershey collection has glyphs for latin, cyrillic and technical greek (in the 'symbols'). Extended accents could be done with composition (GNU plotutils does so to implement Latin-1... btw it contains the full repository,including kana and kanjis).

> Because I have seen mention about Cairo today and about XOR method for
> glyphs draw, I can tell that Pango has really nice support for font
> rendering on the screen and with Cairo supports SVG and PDF export.
> But I do not know whether even thinking about this technique is
> possible in KiCad's case, where strong dependency on low-level DC is,
> as I saw in some emails on this list. I know Cairo only from Python so
> I can't say is it suitable for KiCad.

The problem is I don't think Cairo can do XOR. And, anyway, we need a vector font for doing gerbers...

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