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Re: Re: Had fun with Hershey fonts...


On Fri, 22 May 2009, Lorenzo wrote:

My main developing machine at work is a VIA C3/800 running in remote X on a 2200 AthlonXP (well, the server has
4GB RAM... the bottleneck is in the drives :()

Are you sure it's just drivers with Kicad?

I don't follow those two... pcb learning curve is too steep for me (one of the best PCB layout was the old OrCAD
PCB386 running under dos... EVERYTHING done with the keyboard... the new Orcads sucks like a whole company
making vacuum cleaners :D:D)

I'm not using them neither as I think Kicad's integrated workflow is nicer and Kicad has more modern file format support, etc. Also my guess is that C++ is better here than C, but I'm not someone to believe on that. Time to time I do check what has been going on on that side and buid Peter Clifton's tree to see the results. Their Cairo based schematics do look nice and perform quite well too, because of extensive glyph caching.

It's EXACTLY my kind of product... it makes antibacterial fog for car sanitizing :P If/when you see the Henkel
Terosept machine, that's my baby :D:D It's fun during burn-in, about 50 fog makers running... you can't see a
thing :P

Well yeah it sounded familiar ;) Practical chemist would also propose direct evaporation of hydrogen peroxide from a wad of glass wool or open container if there is no danger of spilling. Dilute hp would probably work very well in foggers too. Numerous moldy cellars are revived thet way. Just remember to spray some dilute copper solution to brick walls too to poison the mold.

I admit that's a HUGE hack but at least it works :D

Most of the time it won't pay to do everything by the book as long as it works. Cheap-Good-Fast, pick the two or make a triangle diagram :D