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Re: Re: Issue with PCBNEW on Max OS X



Please take a look at my last commit. I made the load module from board
command ID a separate event handler which should have fixed the nested
DC issue in that code path. It appears that I may have fixed something
other than what you did with your patch below. Although, I am not sure
that the call stack dump that you posted on the dev list that I looked
at was complete. A cleaner way to handle this is to create a separate
event handler for the offending command ID in the switch statement
rather than make an already overly complex function even more complex.
An even better fix would be to make each command id its own event
handler. I don'thave Mac so I have no way of testing my fix it other
than making sure it still works under windows and linux. I apologize
for forgetting to add that to the change log when I made the commit.


Marco Serantoni wrote:
> I've done a dirty fix for the issue of the "overlapping" wxDC, but sadly i can't find a better solution for the problem.
> Waiting for your blames and insults ;)
> --
> Marco

<< snipped >>


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