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Re: Re: Preliminary Hershey patch


Werner Almesberger wrote:
The new fonts are beautiful ! However, when using old schematics,
the text size seems to have changed by about a factor of two:



This font size change is an important issue in my opinion and I'd like to avoid it, now.

Some questions:

1) Does the hershey patch do a modification to the kicad data files? If yes, then I suggest that we have a small window in time to fix this font size change. Once folk's data files cross the bridge into hershey land it will be more difficult to institute a fix for this problem. It is easiest to fix this now, so the act of crossing the bridge incorporates the needed adjustment in size.

2) Can we fix this soon?

3) Who agrees, and wants to do it?


E.g., note the text above the crystal on page 2.

By the way, are pin numbers that disappear in "Plot" and inverted
arcs in symbols (page 6, the NAND gate in the top left corner) a
known issue ?

Print does very strange things, see

E.g., the signal names on the second page look like alien writing :)
(Not that I always found "Print" output to be crippled in one way or
another, so I use "Plot" most of the time and rarely check "Print",
both in eeschema and pcbnew.)

This is on Linux, Ubuntu 8.10, KiCad SVN revision 1792.

- Werner


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