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Assorted bugs


First a buglet:
The sheet ref plotting is wrong now, there are numbers along the vertical axis, instead of letters :P

This can be simply fixed:
Index: common/common_plot_functions.cpp
--- common/common_plot_functions.cpp (revision 1799)
+++ common/common_plot_functions.cpp (working copy)
@@ -236,7 +236,7 @@
gypas = ( yg - ref.y) / ipas;
for( ii = ref.y + gypas, jj = 0; ipas > 0; ii += gypas, jj++, ipas-- )
- msg.Empty(); msg << jj;
+ msg.Empty(); msg.Append('A' + jj);
if( ii < yg - PAS_REF / 2 )
pos.x = ref.x * conv_unit; pos.y = ii * conv_unit;

Then, the character pen clamping at load time is not enough... if I set a 'default line width' (which is handled as a MINIMUM line width, in the code!) the clamping just doesn't work... for example:

I have a 100 mils grid drawn with a default line width of 10 mils (this is a really good approximation of IEC 60617 rules, with M=2.54mm instead of 2.5mm). I have package names in 30 mil texts, which should be plotted in atmost 3 mil lines; but since default is 0 in the code, it goes out as 10 mil lines i.e. completely unreadable.
(for internal use I changed the clamp factor to 10 instead of 4 and 6, but this is a personal preference)

The last one is a subtle and more serious bug: sometimes when right clicking in eeschema (i.e. really often:D) the process freezes at 100% cpu time. Killing seems the only option == no good. I believe it should be an issue in the hit testing routine, but I need to reproduce it with debug symbolsto obtain a stack trace of the culprit...