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Re: suggest and doubt


2009/6/1 seadistant <seadistant@...>:
> hello,everydeveloper
> To be a electronic engineer I've used just as
> protel/orcad/pads(powerpcb).etc,I think the following is very important:
> 1.pcb reuse(pads named) and protel named it "channel route " it just likeas
> "place hierarchical sheet" ,yeah if they have similar schematic diagram,why
> not similar  pcb layout? but i think both of "pads" and "protel" make this
> founction not very well,wheather we?(why not create another file except
> "netlist" file,just like "channel layout file,we can import it in pcb editor
> when we need make two or more channel place a same layout and route,
> 2.why not combin "eeschema" and "cvpcb" ?we have to use a same component but
> different footprint,if we add this at "eeschema" i think it will be
> better,ofcourse we have this founction ,but i prefer to we can get get a
> footprint preview when we add a footprint,
> 3. Did someone use VC++ 2005 Express Edition compile successfully? I can't
> ,I don't know if others same as me, what 's the version of this(20090216 )
> is compile  with,

I have plan for this week to rebuild KiCad, so I can share my
experience if this happens.

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