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Re: PCB in 3D: ideas || questions?


2009/6/5 Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...>:
> Manveru wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am looking at my PCB I designed about half year ago which very early
>> poor ironed version works partially in a robot I try to run and I do
>> not see holes in vias and some pins.
> There have been no answers to the above question because...... I don't
> know that it is English. At least I, a native English speaker, could
> not even understand it.

My English skills sometimes fail because I do not have lot occasions
to practice. Apologize.

The important question was: why there are no unfilled circles on
tracks ends where holes are present in PCB? Cylinders are present as I
can see looking at some angle, but most holes are clogged up (is this
proper expression for blinded end?).

(Is it better now or still far from understandable English?)

>> Is it intended? I know that 3D is
>> not a priority.
>> The selection of what is displayed is poor now - there is no even tick
>> to mark what is enabled and what not.
>> Has anyone consider export of 3D model to format such as DXF? Or other
>> CAD formats maybe FreeCAD?

Two above are separated questions not related to first one.

By "selection" I meant menu options, which do not have ticks marking
activation and deactivation of the particular option.

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