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Re: PCB in 3D: ideas || questions?


Manveru wrote:
2009/6/5 Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...>:

Manveru wrote:


I am looking at my PCB I designed about half year ago which very early
poor ironed version works partially in a robot I try to run and I do
not see holes in vias and some pins.

There have been no answers to the above question because...... I don't
know that it is English. At least I, a native English speaker, could
not even understand it.

My English skills sometimes fail because I do not have lot occasions
to practice. Apologize.

The important question was: why there are no unfilled circles on
tracks ends where holes are present in PCB? Cylinders are present as I
can see looking at some angle, but most holes are clogged up (is this
proper expression for blinded end?).

(Is it better now or still far from understandable English?)

Better now, thanks.

But sorry, I do not know the answer. Perhaps somebody else can understand it well enough now to answer.