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Re: Layers visibility


2009/6/9 Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...>:
>> Secondly, I would like to reinforce my thought that this dialog should
>> not just be thought of in terms of layer properties, but also other
>> object properties in the future too. It would seem much nicer to
>> select an object, say a via or a track or drawing and go to an "Object
>> Properties" tab on this dialog where one can edit the object
>> properties, say drill size, width, etc.
> This does not work for me.    I would like to call Gabriele's mock up, a
> layer toolbox.
> We were not talking about "this dialog".
> You are indeed straying off topic.
> If we confuse the issue enough, then nothing will get done.
> I'd like to call it a "layer toolbox".  If you want to dock it, then we
> can eventually put it into wxAUI.   Never, seen a layer toolbox before?
> Good.   That gives Gabriele license to use a tab if he wants.  Because
> he will be the first to ever develop one.   The most common concern
> before, during brainstorming, was about screen real-estate.  So let's
> not now be criticial of the concept of conserving screen real-estate,
> or a tab, whose purpose it is to preserve screen real-estate.
> My original suggestion was a layer toolbox from which you can pull up a
> 2nd, layer specific dialog window.   So your posting, which refers to
> "this dialog" is ambiguous at best.

It sounds like things have moved on then and some things have already
been decided. i.e. there will now be a toolbox and a more complex
dialog for editing layer information. I missed where this was decided
upon, I probably dozed off whilst trying to catch up with the thread.

>> I'm sorry if this seems to start straying off-subject. There is of
>> course no reason why these features can't be added in the future.
> True, and that will be the easiest path, and to do so on a different
> thread after the layer stuff is done.

I'll be quiet then...

Best Regards,


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