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Re: Re: Vector fonts


On Tue, 9 Jun 2009, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:

Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

> the user can install his own. wxFont on a wxGraphicsContext needs to be
> explored.

Agreed! Too many drawing object manipulations (fonts included) happen
outside of the device context. I'm guessing that before we can
effectively use wxFont, we are probably going to have to fix the the
drawing code to allow the device context to handle things like
coordinate scaling, offsetting, and clipping internally. If we need any
coordinate manipulation or specific drawing code that wxDC does not
provide, than we should derive our own DC from wxDC to provide any
missing or unique functionality rather than manipulate this outside of
the DC. I know this is off topic but piling more drawing code on top of
the current drawing code will just make Kicad harder to maintain.

Wayne, have you had time to research wxGC and if so what would you say about it? I mean to draw attention that wxDC API may get depreciated by more vector oriented design. Also could wxGraphicsPath be of value to allow object caching?

Others ponder thse problems too:


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