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Re: Re: Vector fonts


Am Tuesday 09 June 2009 schrieb Lorenzo:

I already have the 3098B glyphs (0x20..0x7f,0xa0..0xff UTF-8 encoding) ready
and use it now in kicad.
(hand coded long before postscript age... :-)

I even have most of european glyphs (at least greek and cyr, but obviously not 
integrated in kicad).

I'm only trying to cut our local dev tree :-)


> --- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Thomas Spindler <tsp@...> wrote:
> > The (minor) things that I would like to modify are:
> > - use a glyph base that has at least some int. chars (UTF-8 0x00..0xff)
> That's almost ready :P
> > - usa a font that is in the "NORM" as some of our customers expect
> > DIN-ISO tech. drawings
> The (in)famous 3098B... IIRC ISO reccomends Arial as a last choice if one
> HAS to use international characters (outside latin, cyrillic and greek). I
> actually modified the clamps in drawtxt for 1/10 pen size... I lost bold,
> but I like it more. Sadly Hersheys predates 3098, but it isn't TOO MUCH
> different. Of course someone could digitize the iso font (I don't have the
> shapes for cyrillic and greek anyway... I could give a shot for latin if we
> choose to not junk the stroke infrastructure; we - as a business - could
> use the iso font, too...).
> > - use a font that has a TrueType instance that allows text search in pdf
> > files coming form kicad
> That would happen if and only if the text would come from a show operator.
> Which means to attach a Type42 font as a resource... it is a can of worms
> in itself but could be done... this way you lose plotter independency,
> because gerber and hpgl would be done in a different way...
> If I had to redesign the graphic layer I would use just ONE set of drawing
> routines, treating the screen as a plot area. It's stupid to have all the
> drawing code duplicated for plotting...
> > I prepared a small document that compares the current hershey fonts (as
> > used in kicad now) with an ISO font glyph base and an old autodesk ISO
> > truetype font.
> There is also a 'free' shx font, but it is free only for submission to ISO
> :((

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