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Re: Vector fonts


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...> wrote:

> And NO, we do not rasterize when drawing to the screen. We let 
> wxGraphicsContext do what it was designed for.

And you really hope the result would be the same as a rasterize-plot? Knowing font technology MAYBE the metric would match (somewhat:D)

> other drawing routines, moving them off of wxDC and onto 
> wxGraphicsContext. Now for plotting, this is a separate subject.  

It is a separate subject, but the result should be the same... I can't discuss about what wx api to use since I'm only a gtk programmer...

> Here we do either a rasterization, or a font outline extraction from 
> whatever wxFont is in play while drawing on screen.

Are you sure thet wxFont give you access to font outlines?

> XORed text is a relic of the 80's. I think we can simply redraw in the 
> machines of today. A dirty rect can be sent to the graphics library and 
> it redraws it. The only time I think we need XORing is when sizing a 
> rubber-banding graphic selection box.

I actually like the xor results... I often use the artifacts as a guidelines for work (expecially when deleting and recreating stuff).

> Again, I have not suggested using a bitmap when drawing on screen. I am 
> suggesting that we explore wxGraphicsContext's ability to support all 
> our ON SCREEN drawing needs. We need the ON SCREEN support to be fast, 
> as well as flexible enough to serve the needs of the international 
> community.

I concur, but the on screen support must be matched by an equivalent on paper/pcb result... and I don't think that wx could do that (at least they fixed the printing precision... after how many years?)

> comprehensive understanding. Recently I stumbled onto wxArt2d, so one 
> has to ask, what is that for that wxWidgets cannot do? Why was it 
> developed?

No idea :D:D we have many standards to have choices to do :P:P (I still prefer GTK to wx... at least is in C and not in C++ :D). Anyway newer is not always better...