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Re: Re: Vector fonts


About system TTF fontes versus Hershey fonts keep in mind these different topics:

- Hershey fonts are not so beautiful, but due to the manner they are drawn, they solve requirements for pcbnew:
exact control of size
exact control of pen size (or aperture size)

- For pcbnew, mainly for Gerber files, these parameters are more important than beauty. We cannot set a decent minimum aperture size and keep the exact shape, and using a very small aperture could create problems with board manufacturers. Note: gerber format accept polygons with no problems only if polygons have no hole - or negative layers. otherwise some board manufacturers complains (DRC of Gerber files becomes tricky). And obviously, text size can change for a given font from a system to an other system (said Windows/Linux/MacosX) (Of course one can store the used font in board files, or in Kicad, but it is really very easy or a good idea?) - However for Eeschema, exact size is not a requirement, and readability is more important.

Currently wxFonts are *not* scaled by wxDC (setting wxDC user scale has no effect on texts)
Just, one can set the font size, but this is *very* limited.

- wxGraphicContext is not compilable using Windows and mingw, at least for me and with a recent gcc compiler (gcc 4.2.1) With mingw, we must install, patch and compile GDIplus, that is very tricky.

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