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Re: Re: Vector fonts


jean-pierre charras - INPG wrote:

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> Currently wxFonts are *not* scaled by wxDC (setting wxDC user scale has 
> no effect on texts)

This is not entirely accurate. Only non-scalable fonts (bitmap fonts?)
do not scale. Scalable fonts seem to scale just fine. The text screen
of the wxWidgets drawing sample demonstrates proper text scaling by
setting the user scale. Text in the lines screen of the drawing sample
does not scale because apparently the default font for wxDC is not
scalable. If you add a line of code select a scalable font in the lines
screen, the text scales along with the rest of the drawing.

> Just, one can set the font size, but this is *very* limited.

This is the tricky part. Translating from font size (points) to
physical units (inches or millimeters). However, the current mapping
mode is wxMM_TEXT (1 point == 1 pixel for the screen) so a 24pt font in
PcbNew should result in a gerber file text 0.0024 inches high. That
still doesn't solve the aperture size problems.


> - wxGraphicContext is not compilable using Windows and mingw, at least 
> for me and with a recent gcc compiler (gcc 4.2.1)
> With mingw, we must install, patch and compile GDIplus, that is very 
> tricky.
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