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Aperture allocation


I'm refactoring that legacy mess that is the plotting code (i.e. whole routines completely duplicated for HPGL and PS, Gerber treated as 'special' needing aperture selection before operation and so on...)

The final idea is to use a common Plotter interface... not that it could beuseful but at the end you could plot a schematic on a .pho file :P:P (a WAY MORE useful application is to have the drill diagram as a layer to view over the other ones..)

I've got a question about aperture usage/allocation... why do we use a different D-code for a round aperture used for drawing than for an identical aperture for flashing? (actually it will never happen, but anyway...)

IIRC there is nothing in the RS274X spec that differentiate them...

Is there a reason for this distinction? Maybe someone found some idiot plotter crashing on them?

(eyeballing the specs in the meantime)

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