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FileFormats - deprecation candidate


I would like to propose a simplification to the set of
KiCad files:

phase out the .cmp file 
The netlist and cmp files contain the same information
o timestamp 
o ref designator
o footprint information

CVPCB outputs an updated netlist, stuff and cmp file.
The stuff file is available for reading by EESCHEMA to 
backannotate the schematic (netlist). Importing a netlist
would be ok, if only for footprints or maybe gate swap info
backannotation or modules added manually in pcbnew but I
digress since pcbnew would have to put out a netlist.

PCBNEW seems to be able to read a netlist without the need
of the .cmp file. 

Currently the designer is required to use CVPCB even if the
footprints are maintained in EEschema just to update the cmp file.
One solution would be to delete the cmp file when a netlist is
requested in EEschema.

CVPCB is great for initial browsing and assignment of footprints
but not so much for incremental schematic/netlist changes.

Design Archive:
One can (in pcbnew) archive all modules in the design -> all.mod, all.mdc

And the design can be completely described and recreated with:
pcb/libs/all.mdc ?? (where used?)
with files that could be regenerated easily but included for manufacturing:
but also the libraries mentioned in design.pro. So zipping up
the "pcb" design directory is not sufficient for a complete archive.
I would prefer all reference libs be duplicated/modfiled in pcb/libs.

design.pro tracks eeschema/libraries, cvpcb/libraries, pcbnew/module
libraries, paths, and some design constraints.

KiCad Enhancement request
o Archive the complete design button
or a button in EEschema to archive the libraries referenced 
in the flattened schematic.
o Be able to handle revisions of the schematic, layout and maybe
referenced library files.

o display the library source/path of the module being edited.