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Re: FindwxWidgets.cmake reduex.


2009/6/26 Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@...>:
> Removing FindwxWidgets.cmake and UsewxWidgets.cmake in SVN commit 1833
> may have been a bit premature. I found a bug in the include file path
> order in FindwxWidgets.cmake using the windows find method that causes
> an error when building and linking the executable manifest files in
> Visual Studio 2005. For more information on this bug, see the Manifest
> section at http://www.wxart2d.org/moin/WxArt2dInstall. It appears that
> we traded one PITA (maintaining FIndwxWidgets.cmake) for another PITA
> (manually disabling the default manifest for each executable every time
> CMake updates the build files). I know this only effects Visual Studio
> 2005 and greater users but there seems to be some interest in using it
> so we should properly support it as best we can. Besides, VS probably
> has the best debugger on the windows platform which can be rather
> helpful when debugging. If no one objects, I will put the modified
> version of FindwxWidgets.cmake and UsewxWidgets.cmake from cmake 2.6.4
> back in the source. I will also file a bug report with a patch to the
> CMake bug tracker. This fix along with using wxWidgets 2.6.10 should
> allow Kicad to be build with Visual Studio without any additional source
> code modifications. Please let me know if there is any technical reason
> (i.e. cross-compiling), why I shouldn't do this.
> Wayne

Hello Wayne,
the only reason I removed the files was that they were _unmodified_
versions from CMake 2.6.4. There is no point in doing so.
I think that patched versions which _fix_ some problems are more than welcomed.


AKA f3nix AKA metyl AKA skowri ;)