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Re: FindwxWidgets.cmake reduex.


Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
Removing FindwxWidgets.cmake and UsewxWidgets.cmake in SVN commit 1833
may have been a bit premature. I found a bug in the include file path
order in FindwxWidgets.cmake using the windows find method that causes
an error when building and linking the executable manifest files in
Visual Studio 2005. For more information on this bug, see the Manifest
section at http://www.wxart2d.org/moin/WxArt2dInstall. It appears that
we traded one PITA (maintaining FIndwxWidgets.cmake) for another PITA
(manually disabling the default manifest for each executable every time
CMake updates the build files). I know this only effects Visual Studio
2005 and greater users but there seems to be some interest in using it
so we should properly support it as best we can. Besides, VS probably
has the best debugger on the windows platform which can be rather
helpful when debugging. If no one objects, I will put the modified
version of FindwxWidgets.cmake and UsewxWidgets.cmake from cmake 2.6.4
back in the source. I will also file a bug report with a patch to the
CMake bug tracker. This fix along with using wxWidgets 2.6.10 should
allow Kicad to be build with Visual Studio without any additional source
code modifications. Please let me know if there is any technical reason
(i.e. cross-compiling), why I shouldn't do this.


No objections from me. I am thinking that the Kicad project is an advanced user of the any standard file that comes with CMake. Hoping to support cross builds using wxWidgets is advanced stuff. It is therefore likely that we will have to modify the standard files, or even establish what that standard should be, in the future. Therefore I feel strongly that we should have our own copies. It is not that much work to incorporate the ideas from new versions coming from the CMake team in the future. We can simply copy the good stuff out of there. This is not that much work to do say twice a year or so. I say it is 90% likely that we will need to evolve faster than the CMake standard files. Therefore we should have our own, even if they were the same at the start.
My remarks are targeted at the two files that you named only.

Wayne, thanks for handling this.