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Re: My thoughts on what would make Kicad the ideal program.


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> I personally find it irritating and annoying that if the part is on the underside of the board and I am connecting traces I have to remember the pinout is reversed. Why is this even something people tolerate? 

There is worse in this industry :P like, for example, that USUALLY discretes are pinned seen from the bottom, while ICs are pinned from the top... relays? who knows, someone draws them from the top, someone from the bottom :D:D

A good compromise would be a key to flip the view when you want (maybe F5? following the functions-key-commands-view paradigm in kicad)... I and most people wouldn't ever use it :D I think that would be an 'innovative' feature in the field :P:P

As the flipped pinout, once you verified the library package you have to trust the netlist, otherwise work would never be done. Hell, there are ratnests, pad number AND pad net drawn on the pin!

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