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Re: Plotting infrastructure reworking patch [1 Attachment]


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Werner Almesberger <werner@...> wrote:

> - "wires" that join or leave a bus originate from (0, 0), see page
> 5 of http://people.openmoko.org/werner/kicad-bad-plot.pdf

At least is funny :D strange, it should have crept in somewhere... I haven't tested buses heavily, but such a macroscopic fault... i'll look into it

> - the arcs now all seem to be reversed, e.g., in the "FILTER" B4409
> on page 6 of the above example

I HATE arcs... every plot system represents them in a different way (center-radius-start-stop, start-center-stop, start-center-subscribed angle... with different conventions for angle sign) AND we have a coordinate flip inbetween (or maybe not if you do a mirror plot). I took one full day to make them all correct in pcbnew, obviously something escaped in eeschema!

I'm using 2.8.8 and 2.8.10, but this is all computational geometry for plotting, wx is not involved.

Is there a way to make cmake use a 'traditional' dependency check??? it's taking more time to check dependencies than to compile!

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