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Re: Re: Plotting infrastructure reworking patch


Lorenzo wrote:
> At least is funny :D strange, it should have crept in somewhere...
> I haven't tested buses heavily, but such a macroscopic fault...

Yeah, it kinda jumps at you ;-)

Buses are fine in r1847. Thanks !

> I HATE arcs...

;-))) Seems that they hate you back: the inductor is now good, but
if you look at page 6 on
(AUDIO), the EXC24CB102U chokes (B3005, B3004, B4102, etc.) now have
what looks like 1.5 circles, and the FILTER (stock KiCad) is still

By the way, is it just me, or does one have to back out a lot of
DXF code before r1847 even passes cmake, and some more for
compiling ?

- Werner

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