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Re: Bugfix for plotting


Manveru wrote:

2009/6/30 Lorenzo <lomarcan@... <mailto:lomarcan@...>>

This fixes the reported issues.

A note about the coding style: the * attached to the type name is
deceptive: C is not Pascal, the pointer modifiers apply only to
the first element!

But, you should always avoid the following:
int *ptr, val;
as it always leads to misunderstandings. Most coding standard mention about this.

I agree.

The way how pointers are marked in C is somewhat confusing, in other hand the same operator marks pointer declaration and pointer dereference - that seemed logical to language authors.

I saw advice to declare only one variable at a time in many places, so programmer should avoid constructs like:
int a,b,c;
But lot of people argues that such style creates lot of source code lines and takes too much time to type.

I put each one on a separate line, and inside the block/scope where they are used. So it is rare that there is even a requirement for 3 ints like that, because often one or more can be moved into a for loop scope or iterator position of the for loop.

Readability is everything to me. I don't give a rats ass about the number of lines of code. If I was printing it to paper, I might care.

Code is written both for the human and for the compiler. The human is the one with a handy cap, so I think he needs special consideration.

I am curious what Dick is thinking about it.