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Re: Plotting infrastructure reworking patch


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Werner Almesberger <werner@...> wrote:

> ;-))) Seems that they hate you back: the inductor is now good, but

No, it was Charras that misapplied my patch:
diffing 1846:1847 gives:

@@ -88,12 +89,12 @@
if( draw_bgfill && Arc->m_Fill == FILLED_WITH_BG_BODYCOLOR)
plotter->set_color( ReturnLayerColor( LAYER_DEVICE_BACKGROUND ) );
- plotter->arc( pos, t1, t2, Arc->m_Rayon, FILLED_SHAPE, 0 );
+ plotter->arc( pos, -t1, -t2, Arc->m_Rayon, FILLED_SHAPE, 0);
plotter->set_color( ReturnLayerColor( LAYER_DEVICE ) );
plotter->arc( pos,
- t1,
- t2,
+ -t1,
+ -t2,
Arc->m_Width );

Mine instead said -t2, -t1. The angles need to be negated AND swapped (the strange properties of arcs under a coordinate flip).

In fact my test case for this was eight FILTER and four 7400 in all the orientations (mirrored too!).

> By the way, is it just me, or does one have to back out a lot of
> DXF code before r1847 even passes cmake, and some more for
> compiling ?

No cmake problems here... it's compiling right now

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