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Export for 3D CAD


At last I decided for VRML which is somewhat supported by a lot of 
programs (it's strange, but it's really being used for CAD exchange!).
Anyway blender read it and can export in a whole host of format.

all VRML is already somewhat used for the 3D view... I took that path 
of code and implemented something similar. If we exclude the package 
models it could be adapted to export to various triangle based models.

It's mostly done, needs testing and copper-side implementation (it's 
harder than I tought to rotate the models in position, even using 
transform nodes :P)

What it really lacks for the moment is an option 
setting dialog (like which layer export, if you want tracks and/or 
pads, fillings, the usual stuff, more or less like the plot one)

course the REALLY IMPORTANT thing is the fun doing flyovers on the 
board :D

Attaching a screenshot of the finished product

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