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Re: Export for 3D CAD


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "lomarcan@..." <lomarcan@...> wrote:
> At last I decided for VRML which is somewhat supported by a lot of 
> programs (it's strange, but it's really being used for CAD exchange!).
> Anyway blender read it and can export in a whole host of format.
> After 
> all VRML is already somewhat used for the 3D view... I took that path 
> of code and implemented something similar. If we exclude the package 
> models it could be adapted to export to various triangle based models.
> It's mostly done, needs testing and copper-side implementation (it's 
> harder than I tought to rotate the models in position, even using 
> transform nodes :P)
> What it really lacks for the moment is an option 
> setting dialog (like which layer export, if you want tracks and/or 
> pads, fillings, the usual stuff, more or less like the plot one)
> Of 
> course the REALLY IMPORTANT thing is the fun doing flyovers on the 
> board :D
> Attaching a screenshot of the finished product

With the export of 3D does it handle the entire board as one object or doeseach part remain a distinct object in the VRML file? 

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