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Re: CVPCB Error OS X


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "dioiioib" <dioiioib@...> wrote:
> > > Crashed after changing the first part in the list. 
> > I cannot reproduce this crash, please give more detailed way to reproduce it.
> > For next time post the crash result until the "Thread 1:", the rest is not usefully.
> I will attempt to reproduce this error again. It is intermittent, but is an issue that I have been experiencing with CVPCB for quite some time. Since you begun working on the issues surrounding the OSX version the stabilityhas improved dramatically. But none the less an aggravating issue when youare expecting different results.

And i still will work for the stability, the color bug is already in the SVN with the usual celerity (thanks jp).
But sadly to make possible to fix the bug you have to provide me a way to reproduce it.


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