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Net Classes



I am astonished, and disappointed, that you would begin coding "net classes" without any discussion, considering that I had stated an intention to code this myself in this posting:


My problem with your action is the lack of respect for my stated desire to contribute this design and capability. Although one can argue that we should operate on a "first to code, first to implement," free for all, I find the *lack of discussion* about your start astonishing. This is in view of my effective "reservation" of the contribution.

You apparently don't feel that I have the right to reserve the implementation or design of this feature. But if that is the case, then that should have been expressed by you before you began coding it.

So unless you simply missed my posting, I ask you kindly for an explanation......

The issue here is not whether we need the capability. We do. And I am happy to get the capability. But there were any number of things that you could have started, including UNDO support.

My actual complaint here is the lack of discussion, and disregard for my reservation.



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